This connector is a multi-lane interconnect designed for reliable high-speed data transmission. Compliant with SAS standards, our SAS and Mini-SAS connectors offer a compact solution for high-performance computing of speeds up to 12 Gbps. It is available with either internal or external receptacles; it is manufactured copper cable assemblies and features reduced-size interconnects that save 30-50% PCB space. A low profile PCIe card can accommodate four Mini-SAS HD connectors versus two SAS connectors.


In servers, internal Mini-SAS HD connector support an aggregate data rate of 48 Gbps per connector (12G x 4 lanes) with a version capable of transferring an aggregate data rate of 192 Gbps. In solid state drives (SSD), TE's SAS connectors deliver point-to-point link with hot-plugging capability and support dual porting capability, with faster spindle speeds. As an active member of the SCSI Trade Association, TE is committed to manufacturing reliable, compliant serial attached SCSI (SAS) and mini-SAS connectors for high-performance computing.