Cosmic 60R Wire Stripper

Cosmic 60R Stripper

These electric machines are portable, semiautomatic jacket and wire stripping machines with rotating blades and a high pull-off force. Operation is easy thanks to the analogue settings and the release sensor.

The operation of the Cosmic 60R is highly intuitive and requires minimal training time. With just three analogous controls, you can set diameter, stripping length and partial pull-off length. The display shows the cut diameter in 0.01 mm increments. The processing cycle is easy to trigger: the moment the tip of the conductor touches the release sensor, the stripping process starts automatically.


  • Possible to strip different wire size without changing the blades
  • Easy to adjust cutting diameter by micrometer dial knob
  • Digital display for stripping diameter
  • Easy to select full or partial strip
  • Powered by electricity only
  • Optimal cutting performed by rotary blade system
  • Sold and distributed only in North America