Kappa 330 Wire Stripper and Cutter

Kappa 330 Wire Stripper

The Kappa 330 wire stripper is built for processing round conductors. The powerful belt drive enables gentle processing for the entire cross section range.

The Kappa 330 automatic stripper belongs to the latest generation of automatic cutting and stripping machines. Offering simple and flexible touch controls, even difficult to process materials can be set up quickly and easily. The Kappa 330 can process cables with a cross section of up to 35mm² and multi-core conductors with an outside diameter of up to 16mm, as well as flat cables with a width of up to 40mm. Choose between a belt drive or various double-roller drives.


16mm maximum outside diameter


8mm flat cable processing


Touch Interface, Minimal Waste
  • High performance
  • Simple, flexible operation offering touch interface
  • Innovative sensors to aid in setup and to monitor processing
  • Minimal wire loss, due to sensor monitoring
  • Simple integration of delivery and deposit equipment
  • Networking in company network


  • Cables with a cross section of up to 35mm
  • Multi-core conductors
  • Flat cable processing
  • Full, semi, and multiple pull off wire stripping