Kappa 330 Wire Stripper Machine

Measure/Cut/Strip Wire Preparation Machines

From low-volume R&D to high-volume wire processing, we deliver the right machine for your process with power, performance, and reliability for a variety of application requirements.

The Kappa family of equipment includes intelligent sensors. These are ideal for measuring, cutting, and stripping both individual and special wires to length and stripping. These machines can strip in sections, allowing them to strip extremely long length in perfect quality. The Kappa 310, 320, 322, 330, and 350 machines cover an extraordinary broad range of cross sections support a variety of processing options including wire marking with hot-stamp or ink jet markers. Hot-stamp marking can even be accomplished on the entry-level Kappa 310 stripper model.


TopWin Connection
  • Dynamic, flexible cutting, and stripping units
  • New intelligent sensors
  • New electronics and software
  • Optional TopWin connection