Alpha 488 S Leadmaker

alpha 488 s leadmaker

The Alpha 488 S produces fully automatic twisted-pair wires out of two single bulk wires completely cut-to-length and terminated, with all quality controls included. The modular composition of the system provides superb flexibility. Four processing stations at the wire beginning and two at the wire end offer extensive processing possibilities.

The high machine output of twisted wires results from the parallel processing of the two conductors and a division of overall processing into three main processes, all optimally synchronized with each other. The linear wire draw-in unit with integrated delta length analyzer (DLA) assures the ­gentle handling of the wires. The twisting head with AC servo-drive is the heart of the Alpha 488 lead maker. The integrated twist force analyzer (TFA) enables uniform twisting by analyze the forces during the twisting process. Drawing on continuous stock, the Alpha 488 fully automatic twister produces twisted pairs completely cut to length and terminated. It can handle wire cross sections, ranging from 2 x 0.13 mm² to 2 x 2.5 mm². Four stations on side one and two stations on side two open up flexible processing possibilities, such as two-ended seals loading and crimping.


  • Complete processing of continuous stock into twisted pairs with processed ends
  • Gentle handling of base stock to ensure high-quality end products
  • Possible to process different open ends up to 125mm in length on side one (as an option)
  • Usable for two-end crimping and seal loading on two identical single wires
  • High degree of flexibility and reduction of conversion times
  • Active good/bad sorting
  • Accommodates up to six processing stations
  • Ease of operation, with TopWin software
  • Networking possibilities with reliable WPCS (Wire Processing Communi­ca­­tion Standard) and special software
  • Integrated quality monitoring:
    DLA (Delta Length Analyzer)
    CFA+ (Crimp Force Analyzer)
    SPM (Seal Position Monitor) also during twisting
    TFA (Twist Force Analyzer)