Model 16B Heat Shrink Belt Heater

Model 16B Belt Heater

The Model 16B heater is our smallest tabletop conveyor-type processor. It provides a controlled process for heat-shrinkable tubing products up to 19mm [0.75"] in diameter and 90mm [3.5"] in length.

With double-sided timing belts on the top and bottom of the processing chamber, this belt heater draws the assemblies through a thermally controlled infrared heat zone. It then draws the assemblies through a fan-cooled cooling zone before depositing them into the unloading bin. The infrared energy source is well-suited to efficient processing of either single-wall or adhesive-lined tubing. Heat output can be controlled to accommodate a wide variety of products and substrates. Our versatile portfolio of equipment for heat shrink tubing enables you to process the heat-shrinkable tubing products in an easy, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Developed in close collaboration with customers for general industry use, this equipment provides optimal heating temperatures, performance, and control. For example, it is suitable for use in a wide range of automotive applications – from sealing and protecting electrical splices to providing mechanical protection for fluid management systems in harsh environments.

  1. Model 16B Belt Heater (English)

Watch a demonstration of the Model 16B Belt Heater. The Model 16B Belt Heater is our smallest tabletop conveyor-type processor providing a controlled process for a wide variety of heat shrinkable tubing products.

Tubing Dimensions

Diameter and Length
  • Tubing diameter (max) - up to 19 mm [0.75 in]
  • Tubing length (max) - up to 90 mm [3.5 in]


1000 watt heating elements


Up to 7.5 ft per minute


DC gear motor

  1. Tubing Sealing (English)

Tubing Sealing

  • Tubing Protection (English)

  • Single Wall Installation (English)

  • Dual Wall Installation (English)


Bench Top Design, Controlled Process
  • Closed-loop speed and temperature control
  • Continuous controlled process
  • Adaptable for different applications
  • Bench top design
  • Heater operation and over temperature alarm lights


  • RAYCHEM heat shrink tubing
  • Single-wall heat shrink tubing
  • Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing