PRO-CRIMPER III Crimping Hand Tool

PRO-CRIMPER for Standard Die Envelope

Our Standard Die Envelope (SDE) tooling system utilizes the same dies across a range of applications. The PRO-CRIMPER III is ideally suited for research-and-development prototyping, networking applications, commercial, industrial, and maintenance.

Our SDE system enables dies to interchange in tools from portable hand tools – manual or battery-powered – to pneumatic hand tools and electric bench terminators. It is a family of tools that you can take from bench to production or into the field, without the need for dies fitted to each kind of tool. Your dies can fit your long-term needs. These are compatible with all tools in the SDE system. These move with you as your needs grow. TE’s PRO-CRIMPER III Hand Tool offers maximum flexibility for use in the lab, factory, or field. Purposefully designed with enhanced ergonomics, it utilizes a thin, comfortable handle profile with improved tool geometry for a longer life, stronger tool. The PRO-CRIMPER III is manufactured with precision stamping that permits close tolerance controls on critical parts for better performance and repeatability.

Pro-Crimper How-to Video (English)

This instructional video will explain the basics of how to use a Pro-Crimper hand tool. Among other things, viewers will learn how to determine the product ID, install/replace Standard Die Envelope (SDE) die sets, crimp terminals correctly and use the easy ratchet release function.


  • User-adjustable ratchet control for a complete crimping cycle
  • Emergency ratchet release
  • Angled head, providing a comfortable hand and wrist position
  • Over 100 interchangeable SDE die sets for crimp a broad range of connectors
  • Able to handle multiple wire and terminal sizes in one die set


  • Research and development prototyping
  • Networking
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional maintenance work