P350 High Speed Pin Insertion Machine

Fully Automatic High Speed Machine

TE’s P350 is a fully automatic pin insertion machine for reeled products with inline operation, automatic tool changer, and insertion rates up to 5 per second. Maximize throughput and minimize scrap.

A servo powered XY table positions the PCB under a central drive station at high speed.  The automatic tool changer can hold up to three insertion heads each capable of applying a different product. A unique rotary insertion finger allows the application of products at up to seven different angles without rotating the PCB. This allows the P350 to apply product at different angles without a reduction in insertion rate or the potential positioning error associated with PCB rotation. An active lower anvil provides support to the PCB during insertion; it can provide special actions such as clinching (when applicable) and allows for real-time force monitoring for 100% quality assurance on press-fit applications. Icon-driven software with touch screen provides a simple-to-use and intuitive operator interface.


5 cycles / second at 0.2 in pitch


Up to 3 insertion heads on automatic changer


Up to 7 different angles


Fully Automatic, High Speed
  • Board capacity up to 450 x 450mm [17.5 x 17.5”].
  • Rotary insertion finger can apply products at up to 7 different angles without rotating PCB.
  • Insertion rate up to 5 cycles/second.
  • Quick change tooling mounting fixture for reduced changeover time.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Able to process any manufacturer's reeled through-hole or press-fit products.


Printed Circuit Board (PCBs)
  • Reeled pins
  • Reeled tabs
  • Reeled receptacles