P300 Automatic Pin Insertion Machine

Fully Automatic Insertion Machine

TE’s P300 automatic machine processes reeled press-fit and thru-hole components. As a stand-alone unit or in an SMEMA compatible production line, it increases throughput by lowering cycle times and scrap.

Boards up to 400 x 600 mm [15.5 x 23.5"] can be processed and are positioned on the X/Y-table by stepper motors. Each contact is seated in the PCB via product specific insertion tooling. Each tooling set is comprised of an insertion head (upper tooling), an anvil (lower tooling), and a product feeding mechanism. Rotary insertion tooling allows the application of components at different angles without a reduction in throughput. Quick change mounting fixtures are available for up to four nsertion heads to minimize changeover time. A corresponding anvil changer is also available. A multi-tasking control unit controls and monitors the entire system throughout the production cycle. An optional insertion force monitoring system allows the verification of every component applied for quality assurance.

  1. P300 Insertion Machine (English)

The P300 is a fully automatic insertion machine for processing reeled press-fit and thru-hole components into PCBs. View a P300 Machine demonstration featured during Productonica 2013.


Up to 7 dfferent pre-determined angles


SMEMA compliant interface


Up to 60 receptacles / minute


For Press-Fit and Thru-Hole Components
  • Board capacity up to 400 x 600mm [15.5 x 23.5”]
  • Apply products at up to 7 different pre-determined angles
  • Quick change tooling mounting fixture for reduced changeover time
  • Quick change product specific conversion kits allow production flexibility
  • Capable of applying a wide range of reeled components with product specific insertion tools
  • SMEMA compliant interface. 


Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Reeled press-fit components
  • Thru-hole components