P100 Pin Insertion Machine

Production Flexibility

TE can provide a wide range of pin insertion machines, from stand-alone to semi and fully automatic, combining performance-enhancing accessories with flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements.

Our pin insertion machines are designed to provide the flexibility to meet your production needs of today and tomorrow. Products from TE and other manufacturers can be applied to meet your full range of production requirements. Each product is applied by a specific “quick change” product tool pack that minimizes initial cost while maximizing platform capabilities. Most of the machines can be supplied with more than one insertion head to increase the number of products that can be applied in a single machine. The upper level machines can be equipped with insertion force monitoring to provide an even higher degree of quality assurance as requested in many automotive applications.

  1. P50 Manual Bench Insertion Machine (English)

Watch a demonstration of the P50 manual operated bench machine. The P50 is suitable for low volume production, repair work and sample production.

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