CSM 5T Servo Electric Press Machine

CSM 5T Servo Electric Press Machine

This semi-automatic press machine is designed specifically for compliant pin connectors. It provides end-users with a faster, more reliable, and less operator intensive method for connector press-fit applications.

The heart of the CSM 5T is a CBP Servo Electric Press that allows for the monitoring and control of force, distance, and speed during the press process. Operators manually load a PCB and connectors onto fixtures that include sensors to help provide proper location. The CSM automatically positions the connectors on the PCB servo press head. The system automatically sequentially presses each connector on the PCB to the required specifications. Each press cycle is monitored and can be stopped if an error occurs. Also, each press cycle can be recorded to provide 100% real-time feedback with full traceability for quality assurance of every connector applied.

5 Ton

5 ton force capability


Drive Z - electric servo drive, ball-screw


PC controller

Quality is provided not only through the monitoring and control of the press cycle, but also through the avoidance of operator error.
CSM 5T Servo Electric Press Machine,
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Designed for Pin Connectors
  • PC control with force feed- back to control force, speed, and distance
  • Full traceability of every connector pressed; system locates and loads right angle connectors into PCB before pressing
  • Product specific tooling and fixture
  • Ability to apply right angle connectors
  • PCB capacity up to 8 x 11” [205 x 280mm]
  • Pressing capacity up to 5 tons


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Panel
  • Pin housings
  • Pin connectors