CAP 6T Servo Electric Press

CAP/CAPI 6T Servo Electric Presses

These presses offer proven force control capabilities and quality assurance in an automatic press. With greater control and simplified processing, the result is improved quality and reject prevention.

The CAP 6T and the equivalent CAPI 6T (inline configuration) are fully capable of handling the most demanding applications today and is focused at all but the largest board applications and can also hold up to 12 insertion tools and uses a lower support fixture. The key attributes of the CAP/CAPI 6T are to precisely and accurately apply each connector to the pre-programmed force, height, and speed requirements. Each parameter can be individually programmed for each connector. Connectors can be pressed to height or force based upon their individual specifications. If an error is encountered, the cycle is stopped immediately to prevent damage to the PCB and allow for the minimum amount of re-work. This allows the CAP 6T and CAPI 6T to detect problems and avoid damage to the PCB due to common errors such as PCB holes out of tolerance (too big or too small), missing connectors, and bent pins.

The CAP 6T was designed to apply compliant pin connectors to a wide range of PCBs. It is fully capable of handling the most demanding applications today from daughter cards to midplanes to back-planes.
CAP/CAPI 6T Servo Electric Presses,
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Speed of 3 to 6 seconds per connector


Max tool length of 8"


Max number of insertion tools


Tooling, Services, and Interface

Insertion Tool Type Flat-rock or header
Max. Tool Length 8" [200mm]
Max. Numaber of Insertion Tools 12
Support Tool Dedicated fixture
Control and Interface
Parameters force, distance, speed
Controller PC
Operating System Windows XP Pro
Interface touch screen, mouse, keyboard
Power 208/230 VAC, 1 ph, 25A, 50/60 Hz
Air Shop air of 5 CFM at 80 psi
Dimensions  60 x 75 x 72" (W x L x H)
Weight 4,000 lb [1,820 kg]


Simple Programming and Control
  • Force capacity: 6 tons [53 kN]
  • Board size: 30 x 36" [760 x 910mm]; speed: 3 to 6 seconds per connector
  • Insertion tool type: Flat-rock or header
  • Max. tool length: 8" [200mm]; max. number of insertion tools: 12; support tool: dedicated fixture
  • Drive X/Y: Linear servo drive
  • Drive Z: Electric servo drive, ball-screw
  • Monitor and control force, distance, and speed
  • Database driven software


PCB Press
  • Daughter cards
  • Mid-planes
  • Back-planes