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The sensor's non-contact electrical construction eliminates items such as slip rings, rotor windings, contact brushes or wipers that degrade over time and impair reliability. At the same time the coil design achieves extraordinarily high output and low noise. RSYNs offer enhanced tolerance to shock and vibration, as well as humidity & salt mist resistance, which make these transducers the obvious choice where severe conditions are expected. Excellent performance over a wide temperature range provides a significant advantage over comparable sensors. RSYN angular position sensors are also compact. They are available in two sizes: The RSYN 8-30 with a 0.75 inch [19mm] diameter, and the RSYN 11-30 with a 1.06 inch [27mm] diameter. The coil design comprises a primary and two secondary windings all placed in the stator. There are no windings in the rotor. The secondary windings act as pickup coils detecting the flux change caused by rotation of the rotor.  


  • Non-contact electrical design
  • High output sensitivity
  • ±35 degree sensing range
  • Very low temp. coefficient of sensitivity
  • Wide -55 to +150ºC operating temp. range
  • Superior shock &vibration tolerance 
  • Humidity and salt mist resistant
  • Sizes 8 and 11 servo mounts 

Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Sensor Type  RVDT

Configuration Features

  • Electrical Connection  Lead Wires

Electrical Characteristics

  • Supply Voltage (Vrms) 7.5

  • Output Type  AC Voltage

Signal Characteristics

  • Excitation Frequency (kHz) 1 – 5

Body Features

  • Angular Sensing Range (°) ±30

  • Weight (g) 36

  • Case Material  Stainless Steel

Mechanical Attachment

  • Mounting  Size 8 Servo Mount


  • Shaft Diameter 4.75 mm [ .187 in ]

  • Case Diameter 19.08 mm [ .75 in ]

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range -55 – 105 °C [ -67 – 221 °F ]


  • Non-Linearity (%) ±.5

  • Bearing Type  ABEC 3 Precision Ball Bearing

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