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Campaign Spotlight: Sensors

Our sensors are designed to meet the most demanding challenges, wherever we find them. With the broadest portfolio of solutions, we monitor temperature, humidity, position, pressure, and much more. And we’re pushing advances in sensor technology, such as digital, wireless, and combination solutions that help make applications smarter and more efficient. Partnering with customers across major industries, we’re advancing innovation and transforming industries.

  1. FullAXS Mini Connector Sealing & Cable Assembly (English)

In today’s fast changing world of communication technology, where the miniaturization of antenna infrastructure demands ever-smaller products, TE Connectivity introduces the FullAXS Mini Connector Sealing System & Cable Assembly.

  • FORGE Drawer Power Connector (English)

  • Circular Hybrid Connector (English)

  • ARISO Contactless Connectivity - An Introduction (English)