Sensors for Truck, Bus and Off-Road Applications


Truck/Bus/Off-Road Vehicle Sensors

TE’s sensors provide data under harsh conditions with accuracy and reliability for truck, bus, off-road vehicles, diesel generators and marine equipment.

TE is one of the largest sensor companies in the world, with innovative sensor solutions that help customers transform concepts into smart, connected creations.  TE’s sensors provide data under harsh conditions with a high degree of accuracy and reliability for commercial trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles, diesel generators and marine equipment. TE’s pressure, level, temperature, urea quality, and humidity sensors are recognized and validated solutions in emission/exhaust control systems to comply with Final Tier 4 and Euro VI  stage C regulations. Additionally, TE designs and manufactures a range of linear position, level, humidity, temperature and pressure sensors for chassis and transmission applications and has developed innovative combination sensors for cost effective and efficient control. Our sensors are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, often on a custom basis. Together with our customers, we are working to solve today's biggest application challenges in new and creative ways. Leading products include:

Engine Management

The demands placed on modern engines to provide maximum performance and fuel economy coupled with the drive to reduce emissions, requires an increasing number of sensors to monitor and help manage engine operation. We offer a wide range of truck/bus/off-road vehicle sensors to help OEMs meet these demands. TE sensors perform under the extreme temperature, vibration, shock, durability and performance profiles required by medium and heavy duty on-road and off-road vehicles.