HVACR / Building Equipment


Sensors for HVACR/Building Equipment

TE sensors play a major role in regulating heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

TE is now one of the largest sensor companies in the world, with innovative sensor solutions that help customers transform concepts into smart, connected creations. Our indoor environments are becoming more comfortable and efficient to maintain due to the growth of innovative technologies and sensor networks that regulate heating, ventilation and air conditioning. TE sensor products meet many diverse application needs throughout the HVACR industry. While temperature, humidity and pressure sensors are the most commonly used sensors for HVACR and building equipment applications, TE also offers sensors for vibration, liquid level and fluid property. As a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems, TE provides support to HVACR engineers in both the development and instrumentation of HVACR systems. Our sensors are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, often on a custom basis. Together with our customers, we are working to solve today's biggest application challenges in new and creative ways. Leading products include: