Marta Santamaria
The use of electronic test equipment is essential in providing our costumers with the best product performance in every engineering solution that we deliver.

Marta Santamaria is a Graduate Product Development Engineer in the High Voltage (HV) Engineering Department of TE Rail. Marta graduated from Zaragossa University (Spain) in June 2013, in Electronics Engineering. Marta then came to the UK with the Erasmus Mundus Student Exchange Program and completed her Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Glyndwr University, Wrexham.


She joined TE in April 2014, as a Graduate Product Development Engineer - HV Rail. Marta is part of the next generation that Rail is bringing on board to be trained following a plan of immerse learning on the industry. At her current position she carries out the automation of in-house tests and supports other projects for the HV Engineering team.


When did you first realise you wanted to work in engineering, and why?

Since I was a young child, I have always been a 'Science person", always curious about how things work.  At school I fancied maths, physics and technology subjects instead of the humanities.

I guess I got my 'call' at the age of 12, when I "accidently" smashed the TV remote. Then to avoid any consecuences, I decided  to fix it. After a while, with a bit of hands-on work and maybe with some beginner's luck, I did it, even without any knowledge of electronics. I believe that this was my turning point and since then I started to focus more on engineering. 

I like to find a challenge and then build a solution for it.


What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

What I like the most is that every day is diferent, a new challenge, something new to learn, a task that I have never done before.  

As a Product Development Engineer, my career is a work in progress; it's continuously developing through experience and real-life applications. Particulary HV in Rail where we have to design tailor made solutions for each project. This offers me non-stop, ever-changing challenges which keeps me motivated, but it is also a minefield of learning which means the road can sometimes get bumpy, however the results make all the hard-work worth it.


What would you do if you weren't an engineer?

Since my childhood I have always been a creative person, having studied art and design throughout my education. I guess I would chose Architecture. Which you could say is a combination of art and technology; the two fields I am most interested in.

Therefore, architecture is a very appealing profession to me, I would have probably pursued that career path if engineering had not caught me first.