TE Connectivity (TE) is a trusted partner for the petrochemical, oil and gas industries, developing solutions for the harshest operating environments.

From erosion and abrasion to chemical pollution, connectivity solutions for petrochemical plants are expected to perform reliably in some of the harshest environments imaginable. The industry as a whole is also challenged with meeting ever-increasing global demand, while maximizing efficiency, safety, and stability in applications where failure truly isn’t an option. With over 60+ years of materials science expertise, TE has a rich history of creating innovative solutions that meet today’s toughest challenges. Our high, medium, and low voltage power connection, insulation, and protection materials are also engineered to withstand electrical and environmental stress for decades of maintenance-free operation. This wide range of cost efficient products also resists age, chemical erosion, and constant exposure to the elements to the most extent.


Years material science expertise.


Scientific and engineering research facilities across the globe.


Manufacturing facilities across the globe.