Sheila Garza
I enjoy working at TE because this is a company that fosters inclusion and diversity.

Delivering an extraordinary customer experience (ECE) is becoming ingrained in TE's culture.  As a customer service manager, Sheila helps ensure everyone on her team has the tools to deliver ECE. She knows in the fast-paced technology world, analytical and problem solving skills, planning and time management skills and the ability to multitask effectively are key to serving customers efficiently. The collaborative working environment at TE helps everyone succeed while at the same time keeping people accountable for their own responsibilities.


Tell us about ECE (Extraordinary Customer Experience).

ECE is not only a program, it's our commitment to a culture that all TE employees are encouraged to live by. ECE relies on the fact that we should treat everyone as we would like to be treated. TE's ECE program gives us guidelines and motivates us to exceed expectations of both our internal and external customers. Every detail can make the difference. We work hard to deliver ECE in innovation, quality, delivery and service and support with our customers in every interaction.


Do you hear about many ECE success stories?

We have had great ECE stories since the launch of our ECE Program. My favorite ones are those where an opportunity becomes a success story. There are many things that our internal and external customers need, and our challenge is to not only meet customers' needs but to exceed their expectations. By doing so consistently, will be able to continue to improve our partnerships and strengthen our relationships to help ensure a solid future.


What are some challenges your customers face?

Our customers’ biggest challenge is that they need partners that are committed to excellence because their products are used to save lives. Our goal to deliver on that challenge is not only to deliver products with high quality standards, but to make our connection solutions more innovative on a daily basis. At TE Medical and with our customers, we foster open collaboration and innovation so we can help deliver excellent products to the market.  


What do you like best about working for TE?

I enjoy working at TE because this is a company that fosters inclusion and diversity. I love the TE brand because it stands for innovation and growth. We offer advanced connectivity in catheter systems, sensors technology, and many other applications that will make our products more innovative for our customers.


What inspires you?

My family is my big inspiration. I am proud to be part of TE Medical and support our customers who manufacture life-saving medical devices that can make a tremendous positive impact in the lives of our loved ones. My family inspires me to continue looking for daily improvements; they inspire me to help my team to be better leaders as ambassadors of the Extraordinary Customer Experience. At the same time, my commitment is to keep learning and be open to innovate with our internal and external customers.