Richa Anand Product Manager
We are building custom solutions for our customers who are in the very important business of saving lives.

Helping customers solve their next gen medical device challenges is what excites and inspires Richa Anand, Product Manager for TE's Surgical portfolio. In her global role, Richa supports both single use and reusable surgical products and loves to develop technology solutions that meet customer requirements. Richa has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stony Brook University. Richa is based at TE's Wilsonville, Oregon, facility.


Why did you become a product manager?

I come from a technical background and besides solving technical problems, I became very interested in providing solutions to customers from a business perspective by putting together the entire puzzle. As a product manager, I take great pride not only in the product offerings I represent, but also growing the business by effectively partnering with our customers.  


How did you become interested in the Medical field?

I come from a family of folks that are either in the engineering or medical field, so working for a company that designs the latest technologies and can help to save lives, to me, was a perfect combination. 


What made you want to work for TE?

There are many reasons. At TE Medical, we are building custom solutions for our customers who are in the very important business of saving lives. Everyone at TE is passionate about putting the customer at the center of everything that we do. Plus, TE’s Wilsonville, Oregon location, near Portland, is also a wonderful place to live.


What are some recent projects you have been working on?

I am working with a few key strategic customers and markets. We are pushing the boundaries in technology by offering customers complete assembly level solutions - not just sub-components. These have been some very exciting projects that I can't wait to see come to life.


What do you feel sets TE apart from the competition?

I believe that what sets TE apart is the simple fact that TE has been doing this for years but that we are constantly striving for innovation. We are looking to understand and develop the latest and greatest technologies for our customers. TE offers not only sub-components but has the engineering talent to work with our customers in providing complete solutions. Whether we start from a very basic design concept or we work to develop full assemblies. Our passion for an extraordinary customer experience drives so much of what we do.


In your global role, what are some things you are seeing?

I'm fascinated by what I see happening in Asia. Asia Pacific is growing and expanding with the demands and requirements on technology being different than in the US and Europe. Leadership in technology and development work continues to be dominated by the US and Europe. In my role, I love to work with my teams around the world to understand what is happening in the different markets and how we must adapt to address the customers' needs.


What’s a memorable story about TE you would like to share?

Well, so many stories come to mind. Here is an example of one...
We were at an impasse with a customer where we were informed that we had won an opportunity, but the customer was not willing to issue the PO until they received specific data from TE. Because the customer was located in Europe and was available only at a particular hour, due to time sensitivity, some lead engineers from TE decided to take the call with the customer at 1:00 AM their local time to discuss and allay the customer’s concerns so that we can all move forward. And, guess what? The progress was made where both companies, TE and its customer, could partner together to move forward. Again, it's about delivering an unparalleled experience for our customers.