Medical Balloons


Custom Balloons

Our engineers collaborate closely with our customers to design and manufacture custom medical balloons used in a variety of applications including structural heart, neurovascular, GI, ENT and more.

Our extensive inventory of balloon molds, in-house tool fabrication and state-of-the-art processing equipment means we can provide complete solutions that take your product from concept to reality in the shortest time possible, producing standard sized PTCA and PTA medical balloons up to 250mm in length.

Balloon Capabilities

  •     Non-Compliant Types
            Materials: Polyamide, PEBA, PET, EVA
            Sizes: 1.5mm to 55mm diameters; lengths 8mm to 250mm
  •     Semi-Compliant Types
            Materials: Low/high-durometer polyurethane
            Sizes: 1.5mm up to 20+mm diameters; lengths 8mm to 250mm