COMFORT+ Standard Ultrasound Sub-Assembly



COMFORT+ cable is a high-quality automated ultrasound subassembly that offers modularity, rapid time to market and product consolidation.

Shorten your time to market with COMFORT+ cable subassembly. The COMFORT+ cable subassembly product platform is intended to leverage process automation to achieve optimum cost. From coax manufacturing, cable assembly and micro-coax termination, using the COMFORT+ platform allows you to leverage the optimum in cost and quality enabled by the precision associated with automation.

Key Features: COMFORT+ Subassembly

Pre Terminated and Compact Design
  • Pre-terminated COMFORT cable with micro-coaxial connectors
  • Low-profile field-proven micro-coax shielded connector
  • Pre-engineered flex/strain relief system available
  • Micro-connect design allows for flexible connector location
  • Reduced stack height
  • Fewer components
  • Standard system end components available for M-ZIF, TC-ZIF, clamshell and knob connectors

Electrical Specifications

Voltage, Frequency and Carrying Capacity
  • Operating voltage 100-200 VDC
  • Operating frequency 1 MHz to 20 MHz
  • Current carrying capacity per contact 0.24 A  

Mechanical Specifications

Cycle Life and Cable Dimensions
  • Cable flex life exceeds 250,000 cycles
  • Mate/demate exceeds 30 cycles
  • Keyed connectors
  • 42 AWG COMFORT coaxial cable design with 128 - 224 element range
  • Breakout length range from 1" to 6" (2.54 cm to 15.24 cm)
  • Compact 0.4mm connector pitch 

Product Compliance

Ultrasound Subassembly Cabling
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant 

TE Has Applications Experts

Whether you need a connector for a handheld device or a premium cart-based system, you can choose from our wide range of connector offerings or we can design a custom solution exclusive to your application. We are experts in electrical contact mechanics, signal integrity, material science, process automation, durability testing and regulatory compliance. 

Benefits: COMFORT+ Subassembly

Durable, Certified and Cost Effective
  • Application engineering
  • High-density connectors and cables
  • FDA-registered facilities
  • Cost-effective integrated solutions
  • In-house flex testing to provide long-term durability 
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