Matt Mostoller Innovation Award Winner
The change from traditional lighting to solid-state lighting is truly revolutionary.

From a young age, Matt Mostoller found himself wanting to know more about how things work. He would find items in his house ranging from small indoor appliances to motorized machines only to take them apart, understand how they work and put them back together. When the time came to make a career decision, Matt knew that going into engineering was the right direction for him. Matt is now the Manager of Development Engineering within our Intelligent Buildings group at TE and the most recent recipient of the TE 2014 Innovation Award. 


Why did you choose to join TE?

While I was studying at Penn State University, it was clear that TE was the leader in the connector industry and having the power to influence the way the world uses connectivity was exciting to me. I’ve been with TE 13 years now and continue to be amazed by the innovation from not only my team of development engineers, but also my peers throughout the company. 


What industry trend are you most excited about?

The change from traditional lighting to solid-state lighting is truly revolutionary. Moving away from the standard bulb to incorporating more technologies, more interconnects and the capability to control lights by movement or temperatures is truly amazing.


How do you typically end your days after work?

There is no real end to my day. When I leave the office, I look forward to spending time with my family and reading stories to my children, Dr. Seuss and the new LEGO book – more times than you can count on one hand. Once they are all settled I spend the rest of my evening working on home improvement or auto repair projects. What can I say? I’m an engineer! 


Who has made an impact on who you are today?

Over the years, there have been several individuals who I would consider to be mentors. The three people who have been the most influential on who I am today would be my father and both my grandfathers. I grew up around these three men who loved to use their hands - from yard work to restoration projects and providing for their families. I see many qualities in myself today that I admired in them. Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to work with a number of really talented and inspirational folks. Hard work, dedication and loyalty are three qualities that I try to portray on a regular basis.