Heat Dissipation in Corcom EMI filters vs. other EMI filters

Case Study

Turning Energy into Savings

Energy efficiency in Corcom EMI Filters can turn wasted heat into good news for the bottom line. By 2019, nearly 2 billion connected home devices will ship globally driving an increased need for EMI compliance. TE Connectivity is your partner to help design and bring your products to market, fast.

Meeting Energy Efficiency Standards

How Reducing Heat Increases Efficiency

Energy efficient components don't just reduce energy bills, they also increase product reliability. Small efficiency increases can decrease component temperatures throughout the system - good news for semiconductor life, which doubles for every 10° C decrease in temperature. And because ET's Corcom filters are more efficient and run cooler, this also helps reduce system warranty costs, service calls and support costs.

Corcom EMI filters can help meet energy efficiency goals including Energy Star rating and the new 80 Plus certification.
Energy Efficiency in Corcom filters
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