Engr Aghausuoti Isu Vincent (NAPTIN)
Our biggest challenge today: enhance productivity and work efficiency of the trainers.

Engr Aghaisuoti Isu Vincent is Assistant Director of NAPTIN’s regional training center, Ijora.  He analyzes the needs of engineers and technical staff for training purposes.

In parallel, he designs appropriate training programs for engineers and technologists.


What is the biggest challenge in your work?

Design adequate and effective training that could:

  • make trainers real specialists
  • enhance productivity and efficiency of the trainers.



How do you think this partnership with TE could benefit people?

For NAPTIN's instructors, it's the opportunity to have industry expertise, with specialization in particular products which should greatly enhance their performance in class and in hands-on sessions.

It's also the opportunity for both NAPTIN and TE to design training programs that can be custom- based on specific products, installation technics, operations and maintenance.


How do you see the future power connections in Nigeria?

I believe renewable energy like coal, solar, wind and mini hydro are handy and will be more and more developed.
In Nigeria, we still have a lot of unconnected power for our consumers - only 65% are connected to the power grid. There is a big opportunity for the remaining 35%. Potential power sources could be hydro/thermal. Between the emergence of alternative sources and opportunity to connect all consumers the future is highly promising.