Engr Ado Ibrahim Umar (NAPTIN)
The partnership between NAPTIN & TE will open new windows to the modern method of training.

Engr Ado Ibrahim Umar is Assistant Director of NAPTIN’s regional training center, Kaduna. He is also electrical trainer and switchgear specialist since 1998. Engr Ado will be one of the trainers who will help develop installers’ skills in Nigeria.


What is the biggest challenge in your work?

The biggest challenge in my work is existing skill gaps from workers. Due to financial constraints, we have not had the opportunity to address and correct the defaults identified by applying the appropriate training.


How do you think this partnership with TE could benefit people?

It will open new windows to the modern method of training as well as best practices to improve service delivery. Indeed we aim to minimize the down time period and improve maintenance efficiency.
It will also allow the exchange of ideas between our both companies especially regarding the skills acquisition and together we will look for further improvements.


How do you see the future power connections in Nigeria?

The power connections future in Nigeria is very bright. With the power sector opening up, investors are going to inject the required funding to improve the grid system, enhance generation availability as well as build out the distribution sector.