Xiangming Quan RPIT Product Manager
As an engineer I love technical challenges. I am enriched every time I find a solution.

Xiangming has 21 years of experience in cable accessories engineering. He focuses on power generation and power distribution, specifically medium voltage cable termination including switchgear and transformer separable connectors.
He played a key role in the development of TE Connectivity's (TE) Raychem Plug-In Termination (RPIT) inner cone connector by leading the type test qualification project in EMEA, as well as specifying all necessary material components of the product.


What has been the greatest challenge you have ever faced?

The development of the new inner cone termination RPIT for switchgears and transformers up to 52 kV has been one of my biggest challenges. It was my first time leading a project with great technical demands and resource demands at the same time. It was also cross-functional and cross-regional, meaning I literally had a team from all over the world. 


What industry challenge is TE engineering currently working on to address?

The power distribution industry is becoming more and more diverse. Large-scale integration of renewable energy, digitalization, and the demand for products that withstand harsh environments are challenging the current grid. The new trends will affect switchgear and transformer screened connectors in particular. We need to engineer a smarter power grid by creating new designs and upgrading current products to adapt to the future intelligent system.  


What inspires you? How do you approach tough problems?

As an engineer I love technical challenges. It gives me a lot of satisfaction every time I find the solution and solve the issue. There is a saying in German “in der Ruhe liegt die Kraft” which means you should remain calm in front of tough problems. I keep this in mind and always investigate to understand the core issue, and then work out a solution.