Petrochemical Philippines Case Study

Case Study


Learn how TE collaborated with a global partner to create a fast, effective solution for an underwater application for gas exploration.


A leading petrochemical company is the operator of a major natural gas development project in the Philippines. This landmark project was created to provide a solid economic foundation, reliable source of energy and cleaner environment for the Philippines. TE Connectivity (TE) was approached with the opportunity to provide the customer with a high-quality product solution in order to repair cable outer sheath damage. Since the cable is used 40 meters deep under water, it needed to be remedied as soon as possible to prevent poor performance and damage to the sheath. 


TE engineers were faced with three major challenges:
1. The repair solution must have minimal impact on the cable’s mechanical performance.
2. It must have the ability to withstand harsh environments; 40M deep underwater.
3. Needs to adhere to a two week deadline, while successfully meeting all the customer’s repair requirements.


years experience


meters deep under water


days product delivery


Ultimately, TE proposed its Raychem wraparounds MRSM sleeve as the product solution. MRSM repair sleeve is a fast, versatile and permanent repair for damaged flexible cable over sheaths. Since the sleeve is heat-shrinkable, several cable sizes and types can be repaired by any one size. This one-step installation method ensures a tight, moisture-proof, insulating and reliable seal.

After TE effectively communicated the urgency of the project to their supply chain, they were able to receive the product from their Czech facility. TE’s immediate collaboration with the local supplier, not only met the customer’s repair needs, but also exceeded the required delivery and installation date.


The MRSM product provided many effective advantages to the customer, which fulfilled their immediate repair needs.
• Repairs can be made quickly and permanently.
• Insulated seal can withstand harsh, deep-water environments while remaining tight and moisture-proof.
• Several sizes and types of cables can be repaired with any one size of TE's Raychem MRSM wraparound.
• Product contains no hazardous materials or components, such as resin.  

Versions of TE's Raychem wraparound product have also been used as the external protection for low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage joints (including underground applications, as well as on cable trays, etc.), which reinforces the viability of the product as external protection of electrical assemblies. MRSM wraparound has also been approved for Marine and Offshore applications.