Nelson Almeida, Connectors and fittings, EMEA Manager
Our challenge is to develop exceptional products and solutions that not only meets, but anticipate customers´ needs.

Deliver an Extraordinary Customer Experience is his priority. Nelson began working with TE Connectivity (TE) in 2002 as Product Manager for underground connectors and fittings products. Today, he is the manager for EMEA's Connectors and Fittings products as a whole. His strong background as development engineer and project manager enables Nelson to understand and develop an innovative Connectors and Fittings portfolio in line with his customers’ needs. Together with his experienced team, they meet customer’s challenges by providing adapted solutions for each project.


What is your customer’s challenge today?

Today our customer’s challenges are about safety, reliability and simplicity. We are committed to provide high-quality contact connectors which ensure the security of the installers and the dependability of the electrical supply to perform several decades without any outages.

All of our new products are designed to address our customers’ needs. As the result of this priority, our connectors and fittings can easily and quickly be installed on almost every type of cable with a standard socket spanner.


What is the most interesting project you worked on?

All the projects we work on are thought-provoking since they are always new challenges to accommodate customers needs. However I have to admit that I found particularly exciting and stimulating to be involved in electrification’s projects in emerging countries. They allow us to evaluate immediately the direct impact of our activity on inhabitants’ lives. 


How does TE approach innovation in a way that directly translates to the solutions we provide to customers?

It is important to look beyond our existing products to innovate and offer our customers solutions that will answer their challenges of tomorrow. TE’s biggest strength is its people: we all have different knowledges, experiences and backgrounds which enable us to think different and, to approach challenges in multiple ways. Nevertheless we all walk into the same direction: provide an extraordinary customer experience.