Street Lighting case study

Case Study


The move to upgrade street lights to LED luminaires was an enlightening challenge for one German city, as they are sensitive to voltage spikes caused by everything from switching operations to lightning strikes.

The Challenge

LED luminaires offer high efficiency and long operating life. However, they are very sensitive to voltage spikes and therefore need surge protection.

In Germany, a municipality needed an innovative solution that would allow a fast and reliable installation as well as protect LED. Unfortunately no component available on the market was designed to withstand the harsh environment inside lighting poles.


street lighting luminaires changed to LED


number of inhabitants who beneficiate of these LED luminaires

4 kV

maximum voltage spike that can be handled by the LED power supply

The Solution

TE Connectivity (TE) engineers developed an innovative concept that would offer protection and ease of installation and maintenance by proposing to install the surge arresters inside the fuse boxes.

They specifically designed fuse boxes for harsh conditions in street lighting poles, allowing:

  • The connection between the cable network and the luminaire
  • The electrical protection of the equipment by fuses
  • An easy and reliable installation of network cables in a narrow environment inside the lighting poles
Street lighting luminaire
EKM-2050 EKM-2051

TE and the German municipality partnered even further. Together, they discussed about the idea of making the installation even easier by getting the luminaires prewired and equipped with a special plug, and having the fuse box prewired and equipped with a receptacle.

In street lighting applications, surge protection and reliability are key to an efficient and high-performing network.

The Outcome

TE was able to tailor a product exactly to its customer’s needs. The solution enabled easy installation of fuse boxes with surge arresters, which saves significant installation time even when compared with the standard product the municpiality had purchased in the past.

With over 60 years of experience in materials science and engineering, TE engineers are able to meet a wide range of customer requirements and develop innovative, customized solutions that address specific needs.