Harry Yaworski
Perseverance leads to success and a lot of satisfaction.

Harry Yaworski received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in 1984 from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is currently a Senior Engineering Manager and Senior Principal Engineer at TE. He served in the ICC as chairman for cable accessories, as a NEETRAC board member, and a member of the IEEE Power Engineering Society for 25 years. He is an impact innovation award winner for both the Gel and Elbow product lines. He holds 20 US patents and has authored three IEEE papers.


What inspires you in your work?

Creating new, high quality products that our customers need and want is really satisfying. When we achieve this, the other difficulties work themselves out. 


What industry challenge does TE's new disconnectable joint address?

Disconnectable joints are widely deployed in underground power networks. They provide electric utilities with the ability to quickly isolate and repair failed power cable circuits saving time and cost. Since they are installed in cramped spaces and are typically bent, it is important that a disconnectable joint be easy to install and provide a tight yet flexible moisture seal.   

We had to keep the customers' needs in mind while developing our cold shrink disconnectable joint (CSJD). In addition, we designed it with a greater usage range.  


What has been your favorite project in your years at TE?

The elbow arrester project addressed the need for our customers to provide clean, renewable energy more efficiently from windfarm circuits. We were able to provide a creative design that considered safety for installers. I also had the opportunity to lead a mutli-national development and industrialization team. It was a great experience for me.  


How do you approach challenges?

The technical solution is not always immediately apparent. Perseverance is necessary in product development:  failure is another step on the path to success. Persevering leads to success and a lot of satisfaction.