Brian McGowan
At TE we are convinced that collaborative work between our teams and our clients is the key to drive efficient and innovative solutions

Brian McGowan is manager for the Insulation and Protection portfolio.  He has more than 15 years’ experience in insulation and protection components for utilities, rail and OEM applications. Brian's team is responsible for product marketing, technical support and application engineering for insulation and protection.


What is a current industry challenge that TE engineers are working on?

Reduction of unplanned outages, lost minutes and improvements in reliability are key drivers behind TE Connectivity’s effort in the Wildlife and Asset Protection field. Working closely with our customers, our engineering team designs solutions utilizing existing and sometimes customized product solutions to protect critical assets from the influence of animal and avian interferences. TE’s Raychem products offer a unique solution for applications in aggressive environments. 


What has been your favorite / most interesting project?

One of my team's favorite projects in recent times was the design, development and deployment of a substation insulation program for one of many African utilities. A solution was designed to protect the substation from avian and rodent-caused outages. The outcome was immediate, delivering a staggering 90% reduction in animal-related interruptions after installation.  


What inspires you? How do you approach tough problems?

I am inspired by collaborative work. I am convinced that this is the key to provide our customers with efficient and robust solutions as well as solving their challenges. This is why our engineers spend time in the field with maintenance and operations engineers working as partners, often as a joint development team.