SIMABUS connectors

Substation Innovation

TE’s modular SIMABUS Connectors are revolutionizing substations by replacing multiple connector types with a single busbar connector that reduces lead times, eliminates waste and improves performance.

A universal product to meet the needs of utilities customers worldwide.  TE's SIMABUS Connectors use a modular approach to replace three connectors – Classic, Sinemex and Anti-Corona – with a single product. SIMABUS Connectors belong to the SIMEL product line and are born from more than 60 years of experience in high-voltage applications. They answer the need for a single connector that can match any busbar height and interconnect specification. 

  1. The Future of High Voltage Energy Transmission (Energy)

TE's Laurent Royer, Global Engineering and HVCS Product Manager, describes how TE SIMABUS connectors will allow utilities to meet today’s growing demands for energy without building larger substations.


  • Modular approach. Match any busbar height and interconnect specification.
  • Reduced lead time. Cut typical delivery from 12 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • Extended lifetime. Die-cast components with precision-machined contact surfaces deliver long-life, high performance.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Lower shipping volumes and reduced on-site waste cut environmental impact.
  • Engineering support. TE experts match the right SIMABUS product to your current or future technical specifications.


Die-cast components.

Precision machined contact surfaces.

Streamlined packaging for reduced on site waste.