Military Marine Submarine Solutions


Reliability that goes deep

TE's SEACON, SEACON Phoenix, L.L. Rowe, Rochester and Raychem products are designed to perform in both littoral, as well as very deep water and marine applications.

TE's undersea electrical and fiber optic connectors for Military Submarines. The harsh environments a submarine encounters include extreme hot and cold temperatures and extensive pressure cycling. Our products are designed, tested and qualified in our own testing facilities to perform exceptionally under these conditions. TE’s SEACON product range supports Defense related harsh environment applications and has a long history of designing and building Military Connectors and system solutions. SEACON has the critical experience to meet, MIL-SPEC system requirements that deliver reliable, high performance solutions enabling defense platforms to perform at their absolute best. Now, combined with the advanced technologies of, L.L. Rowe’s harsh environment military grade interconnects, Rochester wire and cables and, Raychem cables, heat shrink and molded parts, TE’s family of products offers a complete range of products and solutions for 21st century submarine fleets.