Lieven Decrock Photo
Speeds are going up, and we already need to be thinking about what will happen in five years.

Future planning. Technologists like Lieven Decrock are working on planning for the high speed world of the future, and how TE will manage the transfer of an ever increasing amount of data at faster and faster speeds.


What current projects are you working on?

I am a technologist, and my projects are a mix, mostly dealing with high speed data transfer. I work with 25 Gigabit per second (Gbps) technology and data centers, supporting analysis of data transfer. We are working on shaping connectors so that data can be transferred from point a to point b at increasingly higher rates.


What obstacles do you and your customers face?

First would be shaping the metal and plastic parts of a connector in such a way that a signal can still be transferred, and shaping electrical requirements into a mechanical design. Secondly, speeds are going up, and we already need to be thinking about what will happen in five years, and how the signal bitstream will evolve and increase.


How does new technology influence the industry?

New technology influences the very topology of a data center. We need to work together to design a modulation scheme for the next generation. We are constantly asking questions. What will the systems look like? Will we still be using photoconductive power switches (PCPS)? Backplane? Cable assemblies? Will the cable be copper or fiber? Electrical or optical?


How did you get started in engineering?

My father was an engineer. I have two older sisters, and one was an engineer. I guess it’s in my blood. I always wanted to know how things worked, and how to create new things.


What technology could you not live without?

As far as basic technology, I think it would be difficult to survive without a knife.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I have three small boys, ages eight, six, and three, so I am very busy with them. We like swimming on the weekends. And depending on work schedules, I like to be home in the evening when they’re still awake so we can enjoy reading books and watching television together.