NanoMQS – Miniaturized Automotive Interconnection System


TE has been working on concepts for smaller terminals and connectors, based on our MQS contact family. Our NanoMQS terminal was developed and tooled to test electrical performance and are now available for serial applications. The NanoMQS capability for small wire cross sections down to 0.13 mm2 helps to support harness weight saving measures. At the same time, NanoMQS is also an interconnection system offering an exceptional level of vibration resistance (up to 400 g sinus for the sealed version). The robust miniaturized terminals (contacts), connectors and headers address the increasing density of electronics in the vehicle. They reduce the footprint on the printed circuit board (PCB) by roughly 50%, and still offer up to 3 amps of nominal current carrying capacity. The first generic connectors offer up to 32 contact positions in the TL version and the SL version has up to 20 positions.