Jeremy Calac
We believe in a wider adoption of fiber optics in the oil and gas market because it is an excellent tool for meeting current and future exploration and recovery challenges.

With a Master’s degree of Science with optical technics specialties and experience as a École Nationale Supérieur d'Ingénieurs du Mans (ENSIM) Graduate Engineer at the Université du Maine in France, Jeremy has more than 7 years experience in providing signal and optical connectivity solutions for the Offshore Oil & Gas market. He is currently supporting projects for topside, subsea and downhole applications as a Product Manager for Optic & Signal Systems for TE's Marine, Oil and Gas business.  His areas of expertise include electrical and optical dry/wet mateable connectivity solutions for subsea distribution, HPHT (High-Pressure, High Temperature) applications, reservoir surveillance and oil recovery improvement.  


What do you find most enjoyable/interesting in working for TE?

In the MOG industry we use the best technology from other market segment covered by TE and we repackage for offshore and subsea constraint.
It is very interesting to exchange with TE experts from other industries and worldwide.


What changes do you expect to see over the next 5 years in the offshore oil & gas market?

The activity of this Offshore Oil & Gas market segment is highly dependent on the crude oil price level. Due to the transportation sector, mainly in developing countries, it is known that the demand will constantly increase over the next years. We strongly believe in technological breakthroughs making it possible to develop and produce at lower cost and to unlock new resources.


What was the most exciting or rewarding project you have worked on?

I have 2 projects in mind both deployed in the UK North Sea. The first one was for a Heat Traced Pipe-in-Pipe system and the second was for Multi Fiber Optical Feedthrough System.
It is very exciting to be involved in a project targeting a world’s first system deployment and more rewarding for the TE project team to achieve it successfully .


How do you stay current on emerging trends, technologies and priorities?

I am a Twitter follower of major Offshore Oil & Gas integrators and operators. This type of media tool allows me to keep informed about main activities of the market such as new technology releases, annual reports, project details, contract awards,  and mergers and acquisitions.  Technical networking and standardization group are necessary to keep informed on trends and emerging technology.


What hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy running and playing golf.