aerospace avionics


Better Control, Higher Speeds

Reduced SWaP with open architecture eliminates bottlenecks from backplane to I/O.

Avionics solutions for next-generation commercial and military aircraft and space systems. TE designs and builds components and solutions for sophisticated avionics packaged in smaller, lighter configurations to control and manage communications, on-board computers for navigation, power management, and multiple subsystems throughout the platform. TE component interconnects and designs provide reduced size and weight solutions while meeting ever increasing demands for higher bandwidth and high-speed connectivity. This includes high-speed board level and I/O connectors and backshells, high-speed cable and cable assemblies, switching / solid state and board level relays, sensors, lightweight composite enclosures, antennas and repair products. TE is one of the leaders in the development of distributed avionics architecture to collect and distribute information throughout the aircraft within a standardized modular format.