TE New Product Announcement: Smart Card Reader

Smart Card Reader

Smart Card Reader

TE’s smart card reader is a rugged and economical solution for tachograph manufacturers that need a card reader that is designed to withstand years of heavy use.

July 19, 2016

TE Connectivity (TE) Industrial & Commercial Transportation’s new smart card reader (TE part numbers 1955562-1 & 1955562-2) is designed to work with a digital tachograph to track the number of hours a commercial vehicle operator drives, helping prevent fatigue-related accidents. The new smart card reader is easy to use, tamperproof, extremely durable, and interconnects with a smart card according to ISO 7810 & 7816 standards.

TE’s smart card reader is a rugged and economical solution for tachograph manufacturers that need a card reader that will last several years of heavy use. It is compact (112.2 x 61.5 x 6.05 mm), withstands high vibrations (up to 1000 Hz), and endures severe mechanical shocks (up to 50G). The smart card reader has a -25° to + 80°C working temperature, making it suitable for tachograph applications that face wide climate variations.

The new smart card reader is designed for easy card insertion and utilizes an electromechanical ejector for quick and automatic card removal. It is extremely durable and supports 25,000 card insertion/removal cycles. The smart card reader’s heavy-duty thermoplastic body has a flammability rating of UL 94 V0.

Two variations of the new smart card reader are available: Part number 1955562-1 and part number 1955562-2. Both part numbers are identical in performance, but part number 1955562-2 features a shorter PCB strip to meet specific application requirements.

The smart card reader is part of TE Industrial & Commercial Transportation’s extensive portfolio of rugged, time-tested, high vibration resistant products and technologies. TE’s heavy-duty connectors, sensors, relays, and other robust technologies withstand the harshest environmental conditions and help vehicles operate safer, cleaner, and smarter.

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