IZB 2016

Industry Tradeshow

International Suppliers Fair (IZB) 2016

Join us at IZB 2016 in Wolfsburg, Germany and learn more about TE's connectivity and sensor solutions designed for the connected car. Our solutions are packaged to perform in harsh environment vehicle applications.

October 18-20, 2016

Hall 4 | Booth 4308

MW Messe-, Ausstellungs- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft Wolfsburg mbH

Oebisfelder Strasse | 38448 Wolfsburg, Germany

Connected for Lifestyle, Safety and Green Mobility. Connection after connection, you can count on TE for smaller, greener, lighter and smarter connectivity and sensor solutions that help improve fuel efficiency and reduce C02 emissions. People expect greater connectivity and real-time data in their cars which drives the need for high-speed in-vehicle data. You can rely on us for technologies that are essential for seamless power, signal and data. 

Meet Our Experts

Visit TE in hall 4, booth 4308.  We'll have our leading experts in our booth every day of the event, along with our transparent car model, giving you the chance to learn more about TE. 

  1. Safer, Greener, Smarter and More Connected Vehicles (English)

TE's Marcus Schulte describes how we work with our customers to help limit vehicle emissions. One example is a sensor we created to measure the quality and concentration of urea in systems that reduce the amount of greenhouse gases created by diesel engines.