Managing Environmental Impacts

Environmental Management

Addressing the environmental impact of our operations by minimizing our energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and water use, while optimizing our waste management

We are committed to environmental sustainability in all aspects of our business, including our products, facilities and operations. TE strives to reduce the environmental impact of our business through technological improvements to our products and operations, streamlining operations at our facilities and encouraging our employees to join us in creating a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency.

environmental management progress

Our most significant environmental impacts are associated with our energy usage, GHG and water use in water-stressed areas. These are the areas in which we have focused the majority of our environmental management.

A key aspect of our sustainability strategy is empowering employees to take greater ownership of the efficiency improvements in our plants. Our employee network allows us to better track and report on our progress, as well as implement new initiatives to address our footprint throughout the year.

Through a combination of interactive employee challenges and company-wide operational efficiencies we enhance the resource efficiency of our global operations.