Community Impact

Whether we are connecting with communities through employee volunteerism or philanthropy, our efforts can make the world a better place for everyone

Every Connection Counts is not just a tagline at TE Connectivity (TE). We believe that helping to build strong communities is core to the success of our business. Our mission is to empower our employees around the world to make a positive impact by actively connecting with each other and their communities. We work to achieve this objective through the following four focus areas that align with our values.

Education & Technology

Fostering innovation through investments in education, emphasizing science/technology/engineering/math (STEM)

Human Services & Disaster Relief

Driving the highest standards of integrity through investments supporting human services & disaster relief


Increasing accountability through investments in energy and the environment

Health & Wellness

Creating a sense of teamwork through investments in our community

The value of TE Connectivity volunteers who implement DiscoverE’s programs and resources in their communities cannot be understated. Our programs highlight the lasting impression that partners like TE, working collaboratively with engineering organizations and others, will have.
Leslie Collins,
Executive Director, DiscoverE
Community Stats
Throughout our partnership, I can see the shift in culture as more and more TE employees get engaged. FIRST would never exist if we did not have the help of the volunteers worldwide, and TE is a huge part of that.
Scott Legasse,
Corporate and Foundations Relationship Manager, FIRST