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In a world where everything is connected, every connection counts. Explore opportunities to build a great career.


A key catalyst for innovation and growth. Seeing things differently is what drives innovation in a global marketplace. At TE, we believe creating an environment where all employees feel included, respected and valued is instrumental in fostering the greatest innovation and unleashing the greatest growth of our people and company. We are committed to unleashing our people's potential.



Employee engagement is core to our success. TE’s Employee Resource Groups are groups of employees who join together to provide support, enhance career growth, and promote the personal development of its members. They provide a strategic means to foster learning, build awareness, enrich our culture, and provide the maximum benefit of combining the goals of the company and our employees.

employee resource groups


Our mission is to create an environment where everyone can contribute to the success of TE by leveraging their own unique talents and personality. We focus on enabling women at TE to reach their full potential through inspiration, networking, mentoring, and professional development. By unleashing the potential of our passionate workforce, we will continue to actively support TE’s mission, values, and initiatives.