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Our most important advantage is our people. We understand that our success as a business is directly linked to our employees’ success. We are committed to engaging our employees – and making TE a great place to work – by emphasizing development and training, creating a safe work environment, embracing diversity and inclusion, and supporting uncompromising values.

  1. Engineering for Tomorrow

Our engineers are helping to bring the seemingly impossible to life. See how TE is helping to turn those once impossible ideas into a reality.


Richa Anand, PhD

Product Manager, Surgical

Helping customers solve their next gen medical device challenges is what excites and inspires Richa Anand, Product Manager for TE's Surgical portfolio. In her global role, Richa supports both single use and reusable surgical products and loves to develop technology solutions that meet customer requirements. Richa has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stony Brook University. Richa is based at TE's Wilsonville, Oregon, facility. 


Xiangming Quan

Product Manager Medium Voltage Cable Accessories

Xiangming has 18 years of experience in cable accessories engineering. He focuses on power generation and power distribution, specifically medium voltage cable termination including switchgear and transformer separable connectors.
He played a key role in the development of TE´s new Raychem Plug-In Termination (RPIT) inner cone connector by leading the type test qualification project in EMEA, as well as specifying all necessary material components of the product.

Robyn Konnick

Robyn Konnick

Rotation Program Manager

In her global role, Robyn focuses on designing and leading programs for high potential early-career and female talent. A key area for Robyn’s work involves providing individuals with stretch opportunities to grow, gain exposure, and develop new skills. Robyn has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova University and is based at TE’s headquarters in Berwyn, PA.


Bob Smithmyer

Director of Product Management

Robert (Bob) Smithmyer joined TE as a sales and marketing intern in 1993, and has served many different roles, from account management at the local and global level, to customer care, and now product manager of connectors for consumer and data devices. Bob credits his large farm family background with his strong work ethic and thirst for adventure. “I like to be challenged, and this job affords plenty of opportunities for me to be adept and to persevere, from funding a new program or tooling capacity expansion, to driving engineering innovation to differentiate our product solutions for the customer.”

Vitaliy Epshteyn

Vitaliy Epshteyn

Medical CTO and Senior Director

TE is unique in that most of our medical products are custom. This requires considerable collaboration throughout the design and development process to achieve an optimal solution to our customers’ needs. Our customers begin the conversation early in the process with a design or engineering goal in mind. Our engineers are then able to collaborate with our customers and involve them in the process every step of the way. Our sales team also works with our customers to integrate ideas and innovations with their engineers. With more than 18 years of experience, Vitaliy has seen the impact engineering has made in improving the medical device industry. “A nice benefit medical engineers have is that their work helps people and can even save lives.”

Monika Kuklok

Monika Kuklok

Senior Manager, Innovation Platforms & Ventures

Automation is evolving – rapidly.  As Monika sees it, today’s industrial devices – factories, buildings, transport systems – are quickly becoming digital gadgets that in the future will seamlessly communicate. Envisioning a strategy for achieving big-picture interoperability is this MBA’s area of specialty. Since joining TE in 2010, Monika has worked across the organization to establish and mature new approaches to enabling and managing innovation, a need she identified and anticipated while leading strategy and product management for TE’s solar solutions. Today, she leads a diverse team of experts in engineering, product management, and business development. Under her guidance, her team – based in Europe and the US – is responsible for all areas of innovation in automation, from idea generation to market launch. Of particular interest to Monika is identifying how customer needs are expanding and how trends in technology and industry are opening new opportunities for industrial innovation, business partnerships, and research collaborations. Currently, she is closely monitoring the Internet of Things (IoT), which Monika sees as having tremendous potential for helping customers in industrial markets automate factory systems, in ways that enable factories to increase productivity with expected outcomes. Given her success in identifying the key enablers shaping new ideas, it is worth following Monika’s ideas about IoT and its potential impact on the future of automation.


Ting Gao

Senior Manager of Materials Engineering

Ting Gao is a Senior Manager of Materials Engineering for TE Connectivity's (TE's) Advanced Technology Materials Group.  She has been with TE for almost 11 years and holds a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of California, USA. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from Nanjing University, China.


Peter Dutton

Director of Advanced Development

With a degree in electrical engineering, Peter has expertise in fiber optics, vibration testing, reliability testing, project management, product development, statistical techniques and quality function deployment (QFD). Peter has more than 30 years of experience within the military and commercial aerospace industries, including military ground vehicles and ships.