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  • Check Product Compliance and get Statements of Compliance (SoC)
  • Check Product Compliance and get Statements of Compliance (SoC)
    Check Product Compliance and get Statements of Compliance (SoC)

    Our Check Product Compliance Tool allows you to see the compliance status of any product with respect to RoHS, REACH and low halogen content.

    In addition, the tool allows you to download part specific Statements of Compliance (SoC).

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  • Customer Letters
  • Customer Letters
    Customer Letters

    Our customer letters provide you with our latest updates on how TE deals with specific environmental compliance and sustainability topics.


  • E-waste Recycling
  • E-waste Recycling
    E-waste Recycling

    TE is committed to supporting the recovery and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. This site provides information to assist customers recover and recycle TE electrical and electronic products.

  • REACH Substances of Very High Concern
  • REACH Substances of Very High Concern
    REACH Substances of Very High Concern

    REACH Article 33 requires any supplier of an article containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) above the threshold of 0.1% weight by weight to provide the customer with sufficient information to allow safe use of the article.

    TE fulfills this obligation by its REACH Substance Communication Documents (RSCDs).

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  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Safety Data Sheets
    Safety Data Sheets

    The vast majority of TE products are defined as articles and thus do not require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

    The SDS Search Tool will allow you to check if a product has a SDS and download a SDS in your own language.

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Understanding the Lifecycle

TE has integrated its worldwide processes and activities to reduce environmental impact through the lifecycle of our products in a Product Environmental Compliance Management System. The management system is based on the IEC QC080000 industrial standard and integrated with key TE business processes. This system is a supplement to the TE Global Quality Management System framework, and supports the TE Global Product Environmental Compliance Policy.

Developing Sustainable Products

Nearly all of our global product lines are compliant to the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (RoHS). The remainder of the products are in industry segments such as military and aerospace where RoHS compliant products are currently neither required nor, in most cases, accepted. We are also focused on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) with dedicated programs and resources to deal with the increasing legislative requirements as well as business continuity concerns.

Working to Set Global Standards

TE actively participates in industry associations and standards organizations around the world, such as iNEMI, TechAmerica, and China RoHS Standard Working Groups, to provide input to the development of standards and regulations which address management and control of hazardous substances. TE also supports initiatives to develop an industry standard data exchange format and platform for product environmental compliance information. We believe that by adopting standards, industry can significantly lower the administrative burden of the multiple data exchanges needed throughout the supply chain.


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