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Circuit Protection Solutions


Household appliances can experience overload, short circuit and voltage transients, which may impede reliable operation. Circuit Protection solutions from TE help you meet regulatory standards and minimize returns.


Automotive electronics components and motor drives require protection against overvoltage, transient voltage and dangerous thermal runaway conditions. TE Circuit Protection has a broad offering of protection devices that meet stringent AEC-Q standards.


Volatile battery chemistries such as Li-ion require protection against overloads, short circuit conditions and voltage transients. TE Circuit Protection has a wide range of solutions to meet your battery protection needs.

Business Machines

Safe & reliable office equipment starts with circuit protection innovations from TE Connectivity.


Protect your communications equipment against lightning, power fault events, and Electro-static Discharge while meeting the most stringent performance standards


TE Circuit Protection offers the circuit protection solutions needed to keep your energy and solar applications protected, day and night.

Home Entertainment

Home entertainment devices are complex, expensive, and are the gateway to the end-user's experience. TE Circuit Protection has a broad range of solutions to help you protect against service downtime due to transient surges, ESD events or overvoltage conditions.


Large-scale industrial equipment requires reliable protection for motors, controllers, touchpads and interface circuitry.


Keep the lights on and manage overcurrent, overtemperature and overvoltage conditions in architectural, automotive and display environments.

Mobile Devices

As mobile and portable devices evolve and add new functionality, interfaces and battery power density, the risk of catastrophic failure increases. TE's Circuit Protection components help meet the demand for thinner, smaller, lighter and robust protection.

Personal Computers

From desktops to laptops to the newest slate/tablet PC's, TE Circuit Protection helps protect batteries, displays, high-speed I/O's, keypads, and power inputs against destructive overcurrent, overvoltage, and over-temperature events.

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