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Wire Preparation Machines

Cosmic 32M Electric Wire Stripper

Cosmic 32M achieves higher precision, more power and a wider AWG range - all in quicker cycle time than its predecessor.

Cosmic 42R Micro-Coaxial Stripper

Our newest cable stripper developed for ultra-micro coaxial cable.

Cosmic 48R Coaxial Cable Stripper

Extremely versatile machine designed for quick cycle times whether stripping coaxial, multiconductor or standard wires.

Cosmic 60R Rotary Jacket Stripper

The Cosmic 60R is designed for jacket stripping of single or multiconductor cable.

Cosmic 927R Micro-Cable Stripper

Ultramodern technology has been developed into a precision micro-cable stripping machine.

Kappa 310 Stripper

The Kappa 310 is an ultra-compact machine designed for reliable controlled processing of fine wire.

Kappa 320 Stripper

The Kappa 320 features a powerful blade head and a number of options.

Kappa 322 Stripper

Kappa 322 is a flexible cut and strip machine for processing multiple inner conductors, flat cable and single strands.

Kappa 330 Automatic Strippers

The Kappa 330 features power, performance and a new type of sensor to handle the most difficult tasks.

Kappa 350 Stripper

Kappa 350 is built for processing round conductors. The powerful belt drive ensures gentle processing for the entire cross section range.

K206 Cutting Machine

Short conversion times without any need for tools.

AT-ST Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine

The AT-ST machine strips and twists wires with sizes from 32-10 AWG.

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