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Pin Insertion Machines

P50 Bench Insertion Machine

The P50 Manual Bench Machine for low volume production, repair work and sample production uses P300/P350 conversion kits.

P100 Pin Insertion Machine

The semi-automatic P100 machine is the newest addition to the TE line of Pin Insertion Systems. Designed and manufactured with a focus on mid-volume level production, the P100 provides a broad range of features at a competitive price.

P200 Semi-Automatic Bench Machine

The P200 is a stand-alone insertion machine targeted at low to medium volume production. Equipped with a rotary insertion finger, the P200 can apply products at up to 7 different angles without having to rotate or remove the board.

P300 Pin Insertion Machine

The P300 is a fully automatic insertion machine for processing reeled press-fit and thru-hole components into PCBs. Available in either a stand alone unit or integrated into a SMEMA compatible production line, the P300 can increase throughput by lowering cycle times and the scrap associated with human application errors.

P350 Pin Insertion Machine

The P350 is a fully automatic pin insertion machine capable of applying reeled products from TE or other manufacturers. With inline operation, an automatic tool changer and insertion rates up to 5 per second, it is focused at fully automatic high speed operation to maximize throughput while minimizing costly scrap.

M Series Insertion Machines

M Series Machines provide the flexibiity and cost savings to meet a wide range of through-hole customer requirements. The full range of systems can help with the application of insertion from reeled, loose or odd-shaped components.

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