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Magnet Wire Machines

Manual Crimp Tooling for Magnet Wire

TE offers a line of hand tools and presses to perform the wire crimps for the mating end of MAG-MATE connections.

APT 5A Magnet Wire Pigtail Splice Machine

The APT 5A Magnet Wire Pigtail Splice machine offers automatic precision adjustment controlled by a Crimp Quality Monitor. A lower cost, manual adjust model (APT 5E) is also available.

AMP-O-LECTRIC Model G Terminator with Thru-Splice Applicator

This Model G Terminator provides front and rear access to maximize production efficiency. It includes full guarding for operator safety.

MPT-5 S/L for Magnet Wire Coil Termination

The MPT-5 S/L machine inserts a SIAMESE terminal into a customer designed cavity in the coil bobbin or similar mag-wire housing, terminating the wire and providing an I/O terminal or other connection.

MPT 5 MAG-MATE Product Terminator

For quick, easy and reliable termination of magnet wire, TE offers the MAG-MATE product family and the MPT-5 air-operated insertion machine with microprocessor control.

Power Splice Termination Applicator

The Power Splice Machine offers quick, easy and reliable pigtail splice termination of magnet wire and solid or stranded lead wire.

MAG-MATE MK I Inserter with PLC

The MK1 Inserter applies MAG-MATE terminals and is available in 3 separate styles.

MAG-MATE MK II Inserter with PLC

The MKII Insertion Machine is designed to apply multiple different contacts according to specific requirements.

Magnet Wire Inserter

The Magnet Wire Inserter applies SIAMEZE terminals and provides a gastight, electrically correct connection between magnet wires and contacts.

MT-Matic Mark III IDC Termination Machine

The MT-Matic Mark III Termination Machine is able to terminate different IDC connectors semi-automatically.

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