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Lead Maker Machines

Gamma 333 PC Lead Maker

The Gamma 333 PC Lead Maker makes operator accessibility and production changeover easy, while handling a wide wire range.

Gamma 263 Lead Maker

The Gamma 263 Lead Maker is designed for one and two-sided crimping and for one-sided seal loading.

Gamma 255 Lead Maker

From crimp-by-crimp terminations to twisting, fluxing and twinning, the fully-automatic Gamma 255 Lead Maker delivers compelling process control and minimal changeover times.

TE 263 Lead Maker

Return your existing CLS model lead maker for a $22,800 (USD) credit towards the purchase of the TE 263 Lead Maker Machine.

Alpha 355 / 355 S Lead Maker

Designed for one and two-sided crimping and seal loading. The Alpha 355 Lead Maker handles double-crimp connections involving varying lengths and with the same wire with no problem.

Alpha 356 Lead Maker

The Alpha 356 fully automatic crimping machine has room for up to seven processing stations.

Alpha 358 Lead Maker

The Alpha 358 is designed for two-sided crimping and seal loading of long cables.

Alpha 433 Lead Maker

The Alpha 433 lead maker is a flexible fully automatic crimping machine for efficient wire processing. It's available in two versions.

Alpha 477 Lead Maker

The Alpha 477 fully automatic double crimping machine allows for the processing of two different wires simultaneously.

Alpha 488 Lead Maker

The fully automatic Alpha 488 Machine produces twisted pairs completely cut to length and terminated with all quality controls included.

Zeta 633/633 L Lead Maker

The flexibility of the Zeta 633 and 633 L machines creates an almost unlimited number of possibilities for handling small jobs or wire sequences.

Zeta 651 Harness Maker

The Zeta 651 offers a reliable and attractively priced complete solution for the single-sided loading of single and double row blocks.

Zeta 656 Harness Maker

Zeta 656 Harness Makers are the flexible solution for single and double-sided housing insertion.

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